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Short Term DC Cat Fosters, please?

I usually try not to post from work because I respect my employer. However…my shelter, Washington Humane Society, just took in 20 cats from an eviction. It’s kitten season and we just got 20 more cats. We’re open access, not … Continue reading

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Meet Keen

I was home sick today and lucky enough to observe Keen actually playing with a toy in he sunlight. He also sat next to my laptop while I did my work. I think he’s finally coming around Senior foster cat … Continue reading

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A Happy Ending

Arthur and Guenvere found a fabulous furever home They’re going there tonight and a coworker was awesome enough to offer to drive me up to say goodbye during our lunchbreak. So grateful to DeDe. Seriously, good coworkers are everything. Arthur … Continue reading

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It Hurts. You Deal.

Keen, a 15 year old gray male cat, was depressed and in desperate need of a foster home. Arthur and Guenevere were playful, sweet, and happy at my apartment but not meeting enough people to get adopted. The logical choice … Continue reading

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LeCat is a Lap Cat

I picked up my new foster cat, LeCat, last night and he is a cuddler! I’m keeping him in the bathroom for the quaruntine period and he is already trying to break free. I have a routine when introducing a … Continue reading

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