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Come Together

The Smithsonian claims that outdoor cats (feral and pet) are a serious danger to birds. They even seem to suggest (subtly) that TNR be abandoned and that TNR supporters are unknowingly killing birds. Alley Cat Allies claims that loss of … Continue reading

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First Ever Film By Cats

Departing from the holiday theme, I know I’m late on this, but I finally saw the Purina “Cat Diaries” today and it melted my heart with happiness. We’re still in the midst of a nasty cold snap in DC right … Continue reading

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Welcome You Back with Electronica Cats

I’ve been absent as of late partially because of work and partially because I was busy outside of work. Last week was my birthday and amongst other awesome times and gifts, my brother gave me amazing cat toys that amuse … Continue reading

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Short Term DC Cat Fosters, please?

I usually try not to post from work because I respect my employer. However…my shelter, Washington Humane Society, just took in 20 cats from an eviction. It’s kitten season and we just got 20 more cats. We’re open access, not … Continue reading

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A Cat’s Prayer

I came across a very sweet “cat’s prayer” on the site of a cool FL rescue group It made me laugh and think of the cats in my life. How the way we treat and raise our cats changes how … Continue reading

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Capital Cats Make Waves Across the Pond Washington Humane Society’s Kittengarden (which sadly my Toby is too old to join) got a spot on the BBC! In these classes, people learn how to work with their cats and make life fun and interesting while also safe … Continue reading

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Cat Cafes?

Apparently there is a trend in Japan (at least 8 cafes in Tokyo) where people pay $8-$12 an hour to sip tea and play with cats. The cafes require handwashing and often have previously-homeless cats as their resident cats. I’m … Continue reading

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Kitty Play Fight!

Meet Beatrice and Arthur–two Cinci cats who love to play.

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Super Ad for Adoptions

I’m not a huge football fan. I like high school games with my old friends. And the few college games I attended were great. Somehow though, I have never gotten into professional football. Because of that, I do not usually … Continue reading

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Daily Dose of Cute

Buddy decided that his sister needed a bath. As you can see, Leona isn’t sure what she thinks of this. Buddy and Leona are awaiting adoption at the Washington Humane Society Georgia Avenue Shelter ( These cats are sweet and … Continue reading

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