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St Paddy’s Day

Most people today will have at least a beer or two. I’d say the majority will have far more than two. If you’re one of those, please take my challenge to donate at least the cost of two beers to … Continue reading

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Save the Date! April 21, Meow Mixer!

Very exciting personal news–I’ll be taking the lead on Meow Mixers this kitten season for Washington Humane Society! I’m both thrilled and terrified I’ll make a cake of it. The first one is scheduled for Thursday, April 21 in the … Continue reading

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My boyfriend used to work a job that was mainly evenings/nights which meant Toby had his company during the day when I was at work, and at night when I was home. Toby has always been a friendly cat but … Continue reading

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ADHD, Anxiety, and Animals, Oh My!

You already know I have ADHD. Like most adult women with ADHD, the Hyperactive part of my ADHD expresses itself partially as anxiety. Unrelated to the ADHD I also have a condition called hyperekplexia (stiff baby syndrome for you medical … Continue reading

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Another Toby Photo

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Why I’m slow at cleaning

Aside from being easily distracted/overwhelmed by clutter due to my ADHD brain, Toby always gets extra cute and affectionate when I clean. So many flank rubs today! Plus, he figured out how to bat open the doors to our dvd … Continue reading

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Disgrace at UC’s Veterinary School

You may have figured out from previous posts that referenced Jezebel that I’m a bit of a feminist. I shockingly think that, along with animals deserving decent lives, that people of any sex are equal–male, female, transgender, hermaphrodite–your genitalia do … Continue reading

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Kong question

Just for a quick survey of readers, please leave a comment whether you knew a Kong was an awesome interactive dog toy without clicking on the link or not. Jarrod had no clue what they were and thought I made … Continue reading

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A Dog and His Man Save Neighbor

I came across a story on Jezebel tonight that I just have to share. It starts off bad but it gets better, I promise. On Thursday, a girl started screaming after being attacked in her yard. Agustin Zamora Jr heard … Continue reading

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Cuteness is the way to start the new year

In the midst of my massive cleaning for the new year, Toby has decided to supervise. Yes, that is a shoebox top that he’s managed to climb into. Apparently Toby wants to be sure I don’t clear too much from … Continue reading

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